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SEER® Rockdust® supplies almost the full spectrum of minerals and trace elements to “remineralise” soil and compost, boost long term organic soil fertility, support a healthy worm population, micro-organisms, and natural organic fertility processes.


  • SEER® Rockdust® has been extensively tested and is 100% natural and safe in organic growing.
  • Organically Approved and certified by the Soil Association, Scottish Organic Producers Association and Organic Farmers & Growers.
  • Vegetables grown with SEER® Rockdust® contain more nutrients and minerals than those grown without
  • The flavour of vegetables is significantly better and they have a longer shelf life
  • It replenishes poor soil and makes it productive
  • Improves drought resistance
  • Increases pest resistance (you get a stronger plant)
  • There are absolutely no nasty chemicals
  • SEER® Rockdust® locks in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere helping the environment
    • Nourishes and boosts nitrogen-fixing bacteria which fix nitrogen from the atmosphere into the soil, thus reduces or eliminates use of synthetic fertilisers .


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