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Welsh BeeKeeper Association logoThe Welsh Bee Keepers Association (WBKA) is the national body to which the nineteen local Associations within Wales are affiliated.  

As the National representative we are always looking to promote the cause of bee keeping and continually strive to develop initiatives to keep the general public informed of our efforts.
It seems that most days we hear a new tale of woe concerning the poor honeybee. We hear of mite attacks, diseases and colony collapse, but local beekeepers are helping the bees fight back. Through the management of bee colonies, treatment of disease and maintenance of the beehives, colony numbers are steadily increasing.

 A new problem facing the beekeepers is finding suitable sites for the growing number of hives, and this is where you can help. The clever beekeepers of Wales have created a handy little widget for their website called 'Hive Locator'.

In a nutshell it's a way to bring together members of the public or organisations, who may have a spare plot of land that they would be happy to site a beehive on, with a local beekeeper looking for such a site.

 Originally conceived for use by the people of Wales, the site now covers the whole of the UK and is already seeing some positive results with plots being listed and taken up at an increasing rate.
The scheme offers an all round win-win situation, benefiting gardeners and allotment owners along with commercial crop growers, who will all get better pollination of their plants, and when you consider that honeybees pollinate one third of all the food we eat, that's important to us all.

We mustn't forget the stars in this pollination magic act: The Honeybees themselves. They've been around for millions of years, quietly going about their work, they may even have been the single most important creature during the development of life on earth, without them there would have been much less food. So don't let them down now, please join the campaign and let your local beekeeper know about your spare bit of land.

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